Critters A to Z – 210 animals – Paperback (Capa Mole)


Paperback version of the book.

Critters A to Z is a book game with the 26 letters of the alphabet illustrated with 210 animals. Translated from Brazilian Portuguese into American English.

Versão em Capa Mole
Critters A to Z é o livro-jogo Bicharada de A a Z traduzido para a língua inglesa, com as 26 letras do alfabeto ilustradas com 210 animais.

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Paperback version of the book.

How many animals can fit in the alphabet? To answer this question, Milena Hannud wrote “Critters A to Z” (English version of “Bicharada de A a Z”, 1st published in Portuguese in 2020 and translated to American English).

The 26 letters of our alphabet are presented to children on 26 pages through the use of 210 hand-drawn animals. On the back of each page, a brief and simple description of each animal using accessible and easy-to-read language for kids.

The book is very fun and playful, ideal for young children with their natural curiosity about animals. While new animals bring more repertoire to a life that is just beginning, the little ones are introduced to the letters and words that are part of this universe, and of their first literacy lessons.

By practicing reading through the cards, the child can handle them and explore the features of each animal. The rich and lively illustrations can encourage children to notice details. The material also allows for a better understanding of the alphabet and the order of the letters.

In classrooms, “Critters A to Z” brings yet another tool for educators and delights students. It is also support material for speech therapists, psychologists and educational psychologists.

At home, it is an alternative to tablet and cell phone screens, creating fun connections between children and their families, strengthening bonds of affection and trust. With “Critters A to Z“, you, parent or educator, can help children to grow in a creative and welcoming environment, playing and learning together with them.

Use “Critters A to Z” with your children and students. We bet that new animals will emerge from this alphabet.

Critters A to Z – Play and learn.

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Translation and Proofreading: Doris Arantes S. Cook
Pedagogical Review: Rian Maia and Dorothy Bruce Jezzi
Scientific Review: Mariana Galera Soler
Preparation of Text, Illustrations, Graphic Design, Cover Design: Milena Hannud

Versão em Capa Mole
Critters A to Z é o livro-jogo Bicharada de A a Z traduzido para a língua inglesa, com as 26 letras do alfabeto ilustradas com 210 animais.



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